This experience nearly destroyed my educational career, just as it was starting, which is why it is so important for young teachers to be supported.


On my second day on my very first practical experience, a substitute teacher deserted me to teach a class I had not prepared for in any way, shape or form.

The image above is very fitting, as I was thrust into a sink or swim situation, where it would be very easy to drown under the pressure.

In fact, I will share some behind the scenes info about this story, which was first shared in the debut episode of Prac Teacher 101.

The substitute is this story was fired from the school very soon after this experience. In part it was because of what he did to me in the above podcast. Mostly though was because he did the very same thing to a fellow prac student from my University the next day. Instead of embracing the chaos though, this particular student had a near mental breakdown, which left him crying the staffroom toilets after the lesson. I never saw him at that school again after that, and I believe he dropped out of his Bachelor of Education course soon after.

Fortunately, many of these teachers get found out pretty quickly in our current system. Too many educators that take on prac students for all the wrong reasons are still far too prevalent, however.

I have been blessed with some amazing mentor teachers during my studies, but I have heard horror stories like the one above too often.

Who knows? Maybe experiences like this inspired Prac-E, something that student teachers can find ongoing support in.

If you are personally having issues on your prac, please feel free to get into contact with Prac-E, and we will do all we can to help you.

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