PRAC-E SYMPOSIUM II - Friday, 28th September


PRAC-E is very excited to announce our second symposium. Be sure to check out all the details on our official Facebook page.

Australia is in the midst of a ‘teacher drought’ that is sapping the energy out of our schools. The Bureau of Statistics have shown that 53% of all teachers in Australia leave the profession in the first five years of their careers. After its inaugural symposium at QUT's Stepping Out Conference to 400+ BEd students, Prac-E is holding Symposium II, at Music Industry College on September 28th, to help stop this mass exodus.

Prac-E Symposiums are made by teachers, for teachers, without an agenda and not-for- profit. To answer Australian teachers' cry for help, Prac-E Symposiums host a panel of educational experts, who aim to demystify the profession in a Q&A format. The students in the audience are encouraged to ask away, with a promise of real-world, practical answers, no holds barred and censorship free.

What are the workloads like? How do you handle marking?

How do I get a job out of Uni? How do I structure a lesson? How do I handle a student throwing a chair at me?

All of these questions, and more will be discussed by a panel of real-world educators from varying points in opinion, nationality, experience, age and gender. Prac-E was co- created by 4th year BEd student, Liam D. Auliciems. Liam is the first university student to create, pitch and host an event of that magnitude at QUT.

Prac-E is also a media platform with blog, video and podcast outlets on YouTube, Instagram, iTunes and Spotify. Prac-E creates on-demand content from real-world classroom experts.


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