How to persevere with a problem student - Symposium II

Dealing with problem students is something many teachers struggle with on a daily basis. Many young teachers patiently employ different strategies, only for them to come back to bite them at every turn. One could be forgiven for giving up all hope. What can you do?

The good news is you're not alone! In fact, one young pre-service teacher asked this very question at PRAC-E Symposium II to our esteemed panel.

Watch the video, or listen to the audio below, to hear their really valuable answers:


- A true joy of teaching, even though it might initially look like a frustration, is to be a part of the growth into a well-rounded person. - There will be times when you try all year, and you won't see the fruit of your labor. - At times, you will have planted the seed and watered it, but someone else will see the shoots. Growing as a teacher means accepting that process. - Often students will return, sometimes years after they have had you as a teacher, and thank you for your efforts. So, even if this student is pushing, keep working with them.

#symposium #behaviormanagement

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