Teaching Overseas - Symposium III

Hey PRAC-E's,

Are you an explorer as well as an educator? Many new teachers have an itch to teach overseas. In Australia especially, the call to travel is incredibly strong. Furthermore, many beautiful countries across the world are desperate to import brilliant, enthusiastic teachers. How can someone achieve this though? What steps can a young teacher take to practice their passion across the globe?

At PRAC-E Symposium III, hosted at the University of Queensland, our panel of educators share their experience and perspectives on teaching away from home - be it overseas or a fair dinkum drive away.

If you've considered taking your career on the road and want some real-world advice from those who have been there and done that, enjoy this snippet from our third symposium in video or audio above!

If you're the kind of modern-thinker that likes to absorb their information on the go, in audio format, we've got some great news. PRAC-E is available on major podcast and audio-streaming services for your listening pleasure.

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