Educate or entertain? - The true balance for awesome content

As PRAC-E keeps growing its digital media audience, the identity of our brand continues to change and shift. What PRAC-E looks like now is quite different from its inception in 2018. An evolution in an organization’s voice, tone and output is natural, but nothing can train you to make deliberate changes to your organization’s brand. What’s important is to keep a constant eye on audience feedback and be like Muhammad Ali when he used to roll with the punches. Services should aim to fill a gap in the market, but the consumer has a large say in how exactly it fills it.

PRAC-E is currently experimenting with the delicate balance between entertainment and information. Extremes on either end will result in a video with no impact or value to its audience. Media platforms are oversaturated with nebulous content, and we are all familiar with dull videos that make one minute feel like twenty. This has led PRAC-E to experiment with new types of videos, such as the Teacher Hack Challenge series. These videos include small challenges between teachers in a light-hearted fashion. Although I was initially worried that these videos would be too shallow on the end of practical advice, I have been proven pleasantly wrong. At the moment, these lighter videos have connected more with our audience, with the Kmart Teacher Hack Challenge currently being the most popular video PRAC-E has ever uploaded.

What does this mean for other creators? The lesson learned here is to never to be too proud of your content. Of course, you want core pillars, ethos and branding to still be relevant. However, an organization’s main creative director should always be its audience. PRAC-E’s audience has made it clear to us that it is sick of overly serious, professional development content, lecturing at them on what they should be doing. Instead, they have demanded a relatable voice that can add some light-hearted fun to the serious issues confronting beginning teachers. If you refuse to acknowledge the real-time needs of your audience, it can quickly spell disaster for your impact and longevity.

For your upcoming content, why not experiment with something completely out of the blue? You could very well stumble across a winning formula that could go viral within your community. If it doesn’t work, you can chalk it up to a loss and keep trying. This will at least make your channel fresh and unpredictable, or it might cater to a specific section of your audience that you’ve been neglecting. An easy way of doing this is to think of the opposite of your current content. Do you make long-form podcasts? Why not make a snappy Q&A show with call-in questions? Are you a Q&A show? Why not choose one key question and make a podcast? Being diverse is a creator’s best weapon, and different types of content is their ammunition. Make sure you don’t go empty.

If you're the kind of modern-thinker that likes to absorb their information on the go, in audio format, we've got some great news. PRAC-E is available on major podcast and audio-streaming services for your listening pleasure.

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