How do we inspire an entire generation that have been told their whole lives that they are useless? 

Prac-E believes that millennials face a unique set of challenges after they leave school, that have not been faced by previous generations. Millennials face a barrage of unfair stereotypes, including labels like 'entitled', 'lazy' and 'narcissistic'.


This, paired with an impatience to succeed and a lack of self-confidence has created a 'sink or swim' situation, that has left many millennials behind. 

Liam D. Auliciems presents the Millennial Toolkit. 

The Millennial Toolkit provides students with the three practical tools that they need to understand the world around them, understand themselves and also to succeed once they leave school. 

Told through a personable, relatable voice, the Millennial Toolkit aims to cut through all the fake 'guru' advice that bombard students as they graduate. Not presented as a secret formula from a snake oil merchant, the Millennial Toolkit is a real chat from a real person with real experiences. 

Liam D. Auliciems does not come to the students as a child prodigy or some self-made teenage millionaire, but simply as a millennial himself. Because of this, Liam aims to talk to the students at their level, as an older-brother like mentor. Prac-E believes that this relatability is something that is severely lacking in millennial motivational presentations. 

Liam is the co-founder of PRAC-E, an experienced journalist and 4th-year Education student.



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Hosted by Liam D. Auliciems

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