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Australia is amid a ‘teacher drought’ that is sapping the life out of the modern education system. The Bureau of Statistics has shown that 53% of all teachers in Australia leave the profession in the first five years of their careers. Young teachers have cited anxiety, stress and mounting workloads as the reasons for their mass exodus.  

The solution to this problem lies with our universities and schools. Educators from all walks of life need to come together to bust the myths surrounding day-to-day life as teachers and eradicate the stigma that turns droves of young people off the profession.

Prac-E Symposiums is one of the first initiatives to provide authentic educational conferences that specifically target student teachers’ needs.


What are the workloads like?

How do you handle marking?

How do I get a job out of Uni?

How do I handle a student throwing a chair at me?


Pre-service and early career teachers will have their burning queries answered from a range of experts, from senior educators with 30+ years’ experience to young teachers in the first few years in their careers, from Heads of Department to School Principals and everything in-between.

​"The complex job can be daunting for teachers just starting. PRAC-E has been organising events where experienced educators share experiences and offer advice to graduating teachers." - ABC NEWS

​In July 2018, Prac-E delivered its debut symposium as a part of QUT's Stepping Out Conference to 400 students of their graduating cohort. Later that same year, the ABC recorded Symposium II at Music Industry College, which was the subject of a nation-wide story.

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Are you an educational body that would love to add value to your students' pedagogical development? 

Book a PRAC-E Symposium below and have a panel of educational experts answer the burning queries of your student body. 

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